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Product Description:


The Boutique Flash Collar is backed with neoprene to fit the shape of your dog’s neck perfectly. It is stitched with double seams and reflective stripes for the highest level of security. The D-ring on the buckle of the collar prevents undue pressure to the dog’s throat even during sports activities. It is nickel-free and coated with real gold.  

The Collar is covered with imitation Leather which offers an elegant look while being durable in any weather condition. The inside of the collar is coated with neoprene to help prevent allergies, while also making it water resistant and quick-drying. The collar is resistant to dirt and can be easily cleaned.


5 different sizes:

XS - 1.8 cm in width, neck circumference from 27.5 to 32.0 cm
S - 2.3 cm in width, neck circumference from 32.0 to 36.5 cm
M - 2.8 cm in width, neck circumference from 36.5 to 43.0 cm
L - 3.5 cm in width, neck circumference from 43.0 to 50.5 cm
XL - 4.3 cm in width, neck circumference from 50.5 to 60.0 cm

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